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  • Introducing Block-Based Programming: Fostering Creativity and Logic in the Classroom
    Introducing Block-Based programming to the students will bring a lot of benefits to your curriculum. Block-based programming  is a visual way of coding that uses “blocks” or puzzle-like pieces to create programs. Instead of typing lines of code, learners can drag and drop blocks that represent various programming commands and … Read more
  • Cobie AI as an example of Intelligent Tutoring Systems
    We are excited to announce that our AI assistant, Cobie AI, was recognized as a possible resource for Intelligent Tutoring Systems in Use Scenarios & Practical Examples of AI Use in Education Briefing Report No. 3 by the European Digital Education Hub’s squad on artificial intelligence in education Authors: Dr. Dara … Read more
  • Successful completion of United by Coding project
    We have successfully completed United by Coding project, which is part of the Education Resilience in Europe initiative supported by European Schoolnet, Scientix and Cisco. The response from teachers has been overwhelmingly positive, with all of them reporting that the pilot exceeded their expectations. 😊 👩‍🏫 One of the project’s most exciting … Read more
  • Why use Scratch for Education?
    Using Scratch for education will bring many benefits to your classroom. Scratch is a programming language designed specifically for kids and beginners. It is a block-based programming language that makes it easy for students to learn the basics of programming. Scratch provides a graphical user interface that enables students to … Read more
  • eduTech conference
    Yesterday we were a part of the eduTech conference in Kočevje, where many decision-makers met to talk about what kind of digital skills to teach students from primary schools and further.  The common agreement was that we need to incorporate algorithmicThinking and  programming into the curriculum for all the students. This way, they will gain … Read more
  • Teachers’ challenges inside and outside the classroom
    Teachers’ challenges arise throughout the teacher’s career. On one side, teaching is one of the most challenging, and on the other side, teaching is one of the most rewarding professions in the world. It is a job that requires dedication, patience, and a lot of hard work. However, despite the … Read more
  • Teaching WordPress in School Will Unlock Your Students’ Creativity and Problem-Solving Skills
    Teaching WordPress in School is great for students since 40% of all websites are built on WordPress. Most probably including your school’s website. WordPress is by far the most popular content management system (CMS) today. Knowing how to use CMS is a practical skill that prepares your students for the … Read more
  • Hands-on workshops for Computer Science teachers in Austria
    As Computer Science teachers, we are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to enhance our teaching practices and provide the best education for our students. This is even more important as Austria is transitioning to having Computer Science as a compulsory subject, we see a great demand from teachers … Read more
  • Benefits of Monitoring Computer Science Classroom
    Benefits of Monitoring Computer Science Classroom are best seen in real-time when students are working on assignments and the teacher is providing help. CS is one of the most challenging subjects to learn and teach. The CS field is constantly evolving, and it requires a great deal of creativity and … Read more
  • Slovenian Open VEX IQ Competition 2023
    Cobie AI at first Slovenian Open VEX IQ Competition. We are building a smart classroom and we are talking to teachers all over Europe. And, from time to time you are lucky enough to be a part of a great event. Last year I met a very eager teacher here … Read more
  • Hardware for teaching kids how to code
  • Cobie AI update November 22
    We want to share a bit of information on our progress 😀. We have added new content for our block-based lessons, new mazes (challenges) for students to solve. Also, we are adding a brand new branch of content, web development. First, schools are already using it, and students are excited to be building … Read more
    At the CARNET USERS CONFERENCE – 2022 conference (more about the conference), we presented together with Božena Ukić, a teacher from Primary School Središće from Zagreb, Croatia, the role of a smart assistant in supporting the implementation of computer science/coding classes. Božena used Cobie AI in a pilot within the … Read more
  • Meet the innovators webinar
    In the webinar organized by STEM Alliance and Sceintix, Clever Books and we presented our solutions. Darya Yegorina, CEO of CleverBooks, and our CEO, Miha Cirman, discussed how STEM careers can be fostered in the classroom.
  • Cobie AI pitching at Connect: IMPACT EdTech event 
    Our CEO Miha Cirman will present today Cobie AI in front of journalists from important Global and European media. The Media Judges panel include: Andrew Jack, Global Education Editor, Financial Times — one of the most influential business publications in the world.  Callum Booth, Reporter, TheNextWeb (TNW) — one of the … Read more
  • More challenges coming soon
    In the coming school year, we will add an editor to Cobie AI, allowing teachers to add new content and prepare new coding challenges for students. The editor is the result of demanding development, both from a programming and pedagogical point of view. Now we are happy to share the … Read more
  • Cobie AI was featured in the Spanish media
    Cobie AI, together with the other recipients of the Best-in-class award from three cohorts of IMPACT EdTech program, was presented in one of the leading business media in Spain – Emprendedores (More about)
  • Cobie AI recevied Best-in-class award
    In July, we completed the IMPACT EdTech program, where we received the Best-in-class award (more about IMPACT EdTech). This award confirms the right direction of our development, and we are proud that we succeeded in the strong competition from edtech start-ups from all over Europe. Each of the applied projects … Read more
  • Presentation at Design Fils
    As part of the Design FILS international conference (more about Design FILS), which took place on 20.6.22 and 21.6.22 in Istanbul, Turkey, we had a presentation, unfortunately remotely, with a title: COBIE AI – AI Assistant for Coding Classes, Programming in Blockly and Python with AI support. Since I do most … Read more
  • Being IMPACT EdTech Winners Will Enable us Further Development of our Smart Classroom
    As the first IMPACT EdTech winner from Slovenia we are very proud of our achievement. We were selected among the best high-tech solutions in the field of education (EdTech) in Europe for our smart classroom solution for teaching coding. At CodeBrainer, we introduced our smart classroom and Cobie AI, a … Read more