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IMPACT EdTech Stage 2

We are one of the top EdTech startups in EU

Wau, we are one of the top EdTech startups in the EU. We are proud to be at stage two of IMPACT EdTech. Even at stage 1, there were some amazing teams that we had a pleasure working with, but now just the best 8 are left – a great cohort to be a part of.

The best cohort of EdTech startups ever

In our cohort, there are many language solutions and maths solutions, and we are the only ones revolutionising the teaching of programming. Most importantly, they are all great solutions, and we must say that people running startups are even better. Even though we only connected remotely, all the energy we could pick up was amazing. The list of great solutions will make our kids learn better and faster. And most importantly, in a more modern and fun way.

Cobie AI – an AI Assistant for the teacher

Our product changed shape a few times up till now, from online courses to offline teaching to online workshops and now tools for teachers to teach coding. I do have to say that working with teachers has given us some wind in the wings since we are always talking to really engaged people. Teachers in STEM, especially computer science, are really eager to teach kids, which gets your spirit up every time. We did a lot of interviews in Slovenia, and every time we ended the meeting with the same feeling of pride that our kids were getting this kind of attention. I always imagined how great it would be to have this kind of education when we were starting to learn about computers and programming.

Mentoring at IMPACT EdTech

Mentoring was one of the best aspects of Impact EdTech so far. We have met a lot of great mentors. Thank you, the IMPACT Edtech, Romane, Emily, Maria, Alvaro… for connecting us.

And we were lucky enough to get the best ones (sorry other startups, but it is true 😀 ) for our startup Cristina Puig and Hermann Morgenbesser. We must say that we are very grateful for all the insights you gave us. Also, we were challenged by you all the time, which helped us grow a lot. We miss meeting them in person, but we hope that will change shortly.

We did have a few specialised mentors as well that showed us a few tricks as well. The great thing is that only mentors with a lot of experience are selected for the Impact EdTech, and it shows with advices we received.

Mentoring from Slovenian mentors

We must mention Slovenian mentors as well. We love working with them as they help us get the big picture aligned. Bernard Grum our ABC accelerator mentor, is the best at getting us out of the building and challenging us when we are stuck, Samo Geršak taught us to explain our project in a non-geek way, and Matija Lokar is helping us build great content for kids that fits our system the best.

We are glad to have you as mentors and help us move in the direction we have envisioned.

Special thanks to our families

We are all very grateful for all the support our families have given us since there were quite a few days where we had to work long hours to make all our goals a reality.

Computer Science for the win

We still have a long way to go as education in schools goals our research gave a clear result. There is a lot to be done. Computer science is pushed to the side from other subjects, and there is still a need to present Computer science as a linking component. Many great initiatives are happening, but there needs to be a ground-braking change that will take us to the next level.

We have seen the development of computer science, from it not being useful for other than computation to having a phone in your pocket, from applications used purely for work to applications that blow your mind.

We just can’t wait for what the generation that is learning computer science now will create, and we hope that we will be able to understand some of it, because we have seen enough to know that we will not understand all of it. But this makes us so happy, all the advancement that we can do using knowledge of Computer science.

What now?

As we enter stage 2, new challenges have arrived. And we are happy to tackle that as well. We have pilots running in Slovenian schools and working with all the mentors to deliver this to even more schools worldwide.

But the main goal is to help teachers educate the next generation of Computer Science students and kids that will understand the inner workings of computer systems and that will bring us improvements for the future.


IMPACT EdTech Winners 

We were selected among the best high-tech solutions in the field of education (EdTech) in Europe for our smart classroom solution for teaching coding.

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