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Cobie AI recevied Best-in-class award

In July, we completed the IMPACT EdTech program, where we received the Best-in-class award (more about IMPACT EdTech). This award confirms the right direction of our development, and we are proud that we succeeded in the strong competition from edtech start-ups from all over Europe. Each of the applied projects brings innovative solutions to the educational process, which will help European society to respond more quickly to the challenges brought about by the development of society.

We are especially pleased with the teachers’ responses who participated in the pilots, as Cobie AI intensively helps them execute computer science lessons. Certain teachers decided to go a step further and taught content that gave them a little more challenge. Cobie AI supports the teacher during the lecture, and the teacher can focus more on the students themselves.

And what do the students say? Learning programming is challenging, so it is necessary to enable students to overcome any fear of programming. With Cobie AI, which supports game-based learning, students quickly overcame fear. The goal of teaching computer science in a K-12 education is not for all students to become programmers but to develop a creative component, learn problem-solving and algorithmic thinking. All this has a positive effect on other subjects as well, both natural and social sciences.

We have also become members of the STEM Alliance, enabling us to share experiences with other EdTech providers and teachers in STEM education. Learn more about the STEM Alliance.