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Cobie AI update November 22

We want to share a bit of information on our progress 😀. We have added new content for our block-based lessons, new mazes (challenges) for students to solve. Also, we are adding a brand new branch of content, web development. First, schools are already using it, and students are excited to be building JavaScript games. 🥳😊 You can still apply for our LoveCalculator content, which explains algorithms in a detailed way using examples for each step.

We want to understand a student’s assignment in a very holistic way. This way, we can help teachers more and give them better suggestions. 🚀 This is why it is sometimes more challenging 👷‍♀️👷🏽 to implement new features and content, but we get a better solution at the same time. But this is what we love the most 🤓 taking content and turning it into interactive assignments for students and teachers. 💻

Teachers can now see the solution for each assignment. Also, teachers can change the position of the lecture using an assignment, and the content will switch automatically.